Making a Specialized Bezel Pusher or Foot Tool

Posted by Robyn Anderson on Monday, July 28, 2014 Under: Stone Setting

Setting stones that lie close together, or that are close to embellishments, require a specialized tool that you can easily make in your studio.

This is what we will be making: A bezel pusher or foot tool with handle.

First of all, you need a nail that is approximately 3 to 4 inches in length (8 to 10cm) and 0.175 inch (4.5mm) diameter and a wooden tool handle. I prefer round handles.

Imagine the final length you would like the bezel pusher to be once the nail is in the handle, and mark with a Sharpie where you will need to cut. My pusher is 4 inches from the foot to the top of the round wooden handle, for example.

I used a #1/0 saw blade to cut off the end. At this stage, you can put the nail in your handle or in a ring holder so it is easy to hold.

Put a mark at approximately 3mm from the cut end and saw through to about halfway to two thirds.

Colour in the side where you will filing so you don't go off track! Filing can be done with a #0 cut file but will take some time. That is how I made my first pusher in class. You will find using a bench grinder or equivalent disc on your flex shaft much quicker.

Fine tune the shape using abrasive discs, hand files then emery paper etc to smooth the metal and bring it to a polished, high shine. Here is how my new tool is shaping up compared to my first one (seen at the back).
I still have a bit of work to go on it yet. I am making it a slightly different size to the first one so I can use it for another application.

And here is the pic of my original tool that I made in class. Notice that the sides of the pusher have been filed as well to give a square profile.

So now you have your own Foot Tool!
To use, place the foot in between the wall of the bezel and the embellishment or ball, and push the bezel over.

You will wonder how you lived without it!!!

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