My Soldering Journey Part 2

Posted by Robyn Anderson on Thursday, January 24, 2013 Under: Soldering

Part 2 August 2012

I chose a poppy jasper and morrisonite cabochon for this piece.

I designed on paper then made a template out of cardboard

including the jump rings, to check balance, size and appearance.

I textured the round piece of silver plate using a hammer then decided I preferred

it plain. My solution was to use this as a feature on the back of the piece instead.

The silver plate was filed to make the edges smooth first of all with a flat file and then various pieces of sandpaper. The holes were made using hole making pliers. The bezel wire was then
measured, fitted and filed ready for soldering. After soldering they were pickled then soldered in
place on the backplates. (Sorry there are no more photos to show the progress - I got a bit excited lol!!!!)

I love the texture on the back.
I formed a plain bail and shaped it to look like a ribbon.
I added a .925 stamp as well as my initials RJA.

Before fitting the stones, I filed the metal with various pieces of sandpaper
and finally finished it with a brass brush and Morning Fresh. I am thrilled with the final product. There are several things that I would do differently next time. I think the bezel setting on the poppy jasper is slightly too high and could have done with some more sanding after soldering. The bezel setting on the morrisonite does not fit the bottom point as well as it could have, something that I didn't observe initially. Looking forward to more fine tuning on the next piece :)

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