My Stone Setting Course 2014

Posted by Robyn Anderson on Friday, April 18, 2014 Under: Stone Setting
My nine week stone setting course is now over and I thought I might post some photos of the projects we did:

  1. I think one of the most valuable thing I learned from this course was making my own tools to suit each job.

  2. This was the first ring, a sterling silver casting with a single stone setting. The scariest part of this setting was cutting the channel inside the setting with a hart bur. We soon became very proficient at using these burs. The plus side of cutting a channel rather than a seat for the stone to sit on is that once the stone has 'popped' in, it is much easier to set the stone because it is securely in position.

  3. The second week was a three stone setting, two 5mm rounds and one 7x5mm oval. I had lots more practice with the hart burs as you can imagine!!! 

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