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Posted by Robyn Anderson on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Under: Rings
I have been thinking for a while about making wide ring bands by layering rings with different texture together so today I tried a few ways of preparing the rings for soldering. I had in mind holding the rings together with binding wire and adding the solder chips between the rings on the inside of the ring to solder. I couldn't seem to get that to work though. The rings wouldn't stay securely in place despite tightening the binding wire as much as possible.What I finally did was place tiny hard solder chips along the side of one of the outer rings and heated the ring until the solder ran. I then placed the two rings, the outer ring then the middle ring on top, on a firebrick in my annealing pan. As I heated the two rings I kept the annealing pan turning so t hat the heat spread evenly. I focused the flame on the gap between the two rings. After the solder flowed, I quenched, pickled and wire-brushed it. On the other ring, I used easy solder. I stacked the first two rings that I had soldered together on top of it and focussed the flame again on the gap between the new ring and the middle ring. The solder flowed quickly and well before the solder between the other two rings flowed again. I was a little worried that the whole stack would slip and slide if all the solder started to flow together.

Here is what the ring looks like now that it has been oxi dized and polished. I will try this again in the next few days and take more photos of the process:

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