The Way I Work ~ at the moment it is chain maille!!!

Posted by Robyn Anderson on Thursday, February 7, 2013 Under: Chain Maille

It dawned on me today that the way I work is to explore an idea until I can do no more, then I move on until the next inspiration comes. At the moment I am playing with chain maille ideas. I have really enjoyed chain maille right throughout my years of jewellery making but especially now that I am cutting my own rings.

I made this one recently. I had some soldered rings left over from a custom order so incorporated them into a byzantine weave. 

The weave I found the most difficult was Jen's Pind. I remember spending almost a whole day trying to work out the weave to discover my very good friend Keryn worked it out in about 30 minutes :( My brain doesn't pick out patterns very quickly and I soon worked out that I should keep a sample of the weaves I find difficult to do so I can continue on rather than start from scratch.
I have just finished this necklace using Jen's Pind. I am thrilled with the way it sits. I will definitely be using it for my other pendants as well.

Today I also experimented with an idea I saw in the Feb-March 2013 edition of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. It was called "Caged Jewels", a Byzantine variation that incorporates beads in the design. Here is my interpration of that idea.

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